Meet the 'Chinese Kardashians' who are taking the Internet by storm

You’d be forgiven for assuming that the Kardashians are one of a kind, with their gorgeous good looks, lavish lifestyle and huge social media presence.

However, there are two women who look set to compete with the established reality stars, with Yoni and Joyce Chufei Churan being dubbed the ‘Chinese Kardashians’ thanks to their huge online following in their native China.

The girls show off their lavish lifestyle online.

The sisters are often seen travelling the world, splashing their cash on designer clothes and eating at some of the best restaurants, all whilst posing for the most immaculate and beautiful photos to upload to their popular social media accounts.

The pair have millions of followers across Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo, Youku and even Taobao, which allows their fans to watch them shopping and eating out via a live stream.

However, Yoni and Joyce insist that they are nothing like the Kardashian sisters despite their staggering online power.

Yoni and Joyce reckon they’re only popular because they are twins.

They told “Kardashians are more like entertainment, we are focused on merchandising and promotions.

“We want to showcase unique products to consumers.”

They also insist that they’re not popular because of their lavish lifestyle or good looks, claiming that they attract fans due to the fact that they are twins.

They continued: “This is quite unique to our followers and this has attracted a lot of people.

The girls travel the world to advertise products to their followers.

“We also show a lot of unique content. You need to have interesting content to engage your followers.”

The twins use their status in China to travel the world and showcase other country’s products to their fans back home, with the girls most recently visiting Australia.

Yoni and Joyce revealed that their Chinese followers love to see all of the different types of cosmetics, food and clothes, with companies more than willing to pay the girls to promote their products online.

We wonder what Kim and co. would think?

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