Meghan Markle's father Thomas 'was paid £7,500’ for tell all interview on Good Morning Britain

Patrick Grafton-Green

Meghan Markle’s father Thomas was reportedly paid £7,500 for a bombshell interview on Good Morning Britain in which he broke his silence about missing the royal wedding.

In an extraordinary TV appearance, Thomas Markle apologised for the staged paparazzi photos and revealed details of how Harry asked for permission to marry Meghan.

According to the Daily Mail, he accepted £7,500 for the TV appearance. Kensington Palace officials are believed to have been kept in the dark about the interview until it went live.

The newspaper reported that Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan confirmed that Meghan's father pocketed "a few thousand pounds" but insisted his "ultimate motive was not money."

It was the 73-year-old's first interview since last month’s royal wedding and he is not thought to have got consent from Kensington Palace about his decision to appear on air.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Mr Markle revealed his daughter burst into tears when he told her he could not attend the wedding due to his heart operation.

He also said he made Prince Harry promise “not to raise a hand against my daughter” when the prince phoned him at his home in Mexico to ask for his daughter’s hand.

He said he was “honoured” that Prince Charles took his place and escorted Meghan part-way through St George’s Chapel, but added: “I was jealous, I wish it had been me but thank God [Prince Charles] was there.”

The most surprising part of the interview came when claimed Harry told him to "give Donald Trump a chance" and that he was "open to the experiment" of Brexit when they spoke on the phone.

Meghan and her father Thomas Markle

He also said that he had apologised to his daughter and son-in-law for the staged paparazzi photos and that he wanted to "change his image" as he had been presented by the media as a "hermit."

In the interview, Mr Markle said his daughter “had the sense” not to invite any of her family members after up to “60 Markles came out of the woodwork” asking for wedding invites.

He refused to speculate on when the newlywed's plan to become parents but said his daughter had "always wanted children."

He joked: "I don't think the stork has hit the air yet but it will happen sooner or later."

In an emotional on-air message to the couple he said: "I send my love to both of them. I couldn’t be more proud of those two and I think they’ll do great.

"I couldn’t be more happy to have a new son-in-law, I love them both dearly."