Meghan Markle asked Lizzie Cundy to help her 'find a famous British guy'

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
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    sounds like someone is promoting her book and needs to use the most popular celebrity she knows right now to promote it ..
    we all have friends we meet in new places and like for a time and then we move on .. how many people drop most of their single friends when they are a couple .. it happens .. so what .. but everyone seems to think the Duchess was a lovely person .. before and after meeting Harry .. so let it be !
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    Sounds like a girl asking her friends to be set up. Happens all the time. Doesn't seem like anything wrong. Who doesn't know someone who was single and wanted to be set up.
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    I remember a quote on one of Jane Fonda's books, talking about her Ex,Ted Turner, whom, she said, once told her: "...I have so much, I guess because I wanted it more than all the others..." Some people just pursue whatever they want relentlessly, unapologetically.
    Meghan herself has mentioned as one of her's and Serena Williams' shared characteristics , AMBITION.
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    "Literally ghosted". People need to learn the meaning of the word "literally".
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    Meghan Markle asked Lizzie Cundy to help her 'find a famous British guy'.........Unless she has emails or texts from Meghan, it seems like Ms. Cundy is just trying to squeeze out a few moments of relevance for herself.
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    couple of good reasons I can see - one, Meghan might have wanted someone who understood her own fame. And then - you can't have a friend in the press like that if you're having a secretive relationship - like one with the royal family. Sounds like to me if this is being made public, wasn't much of a friendship to start with. Good person to put out of your life it would seem.
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    'Meghan Markle rejected by Matt Cardle before meeting Prince Harry'... the guy had a lucky escape
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    Cannot figure out why Harry would marry someone like her. He had some wonderful girlfriends who seemed to fit in the aristocracy over there. The feuding that the Merkle family seem to be doing is doing nothing for the Royal Family. Meghan is pretty, but I don't think she fits with that family. Sorry folks!
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    i v been asking my friends to set me up, its normal / 10 years ago it sounded better to meet someone from someone you know rather than doddgy dating sites )))
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    Wow! This makes two Yahoo articles in one day that involve Markle with ghosting. The other is somebody named Matt Cardle who apparently ghosted Markle after she tried to meet him. Course there is no evidence except for the word of these two people we have never heard of before. 15 minutes of fame? Of course who can forget the two more famous people Meghan had ghosted last year. Thomas and Samantha Markle.