Meghan Markle 'devastated' over criticism of new lifestyle brand

The Duchess of Sussex unveiled her new business venture -Credit:Getty Images
The Duchess of Sussex unveiled her new business venture -Credit:Getty Images

Meghan Markle will be "devastated" over the "unfair criticism" of her new lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard, an expert has predicted.

In March, the Duchess of Sussex unveiled her new business venture, initially intriguing fans with sparse details about her brand.

A video that was filmed at her and Prince Harry's mansion in Montecito, featured the Duchess cooking in the kitchen and strolling around the opulent grounds of their family home, reports the Mirror.

Soon, more information emerged about her products, which include kitchen and homeware, along with a line of oils, nut butters, jams, and preserves, as well as home fragrances and furnishings.

The initial excitement over the Duchess' new brand soon faded. With no further details provided about the launch of American Riviera Orchard, Meghan had to gear up for a major PR campaign to boost her image ahead of the launch.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn believes that Meghan would have been devastated following the lacklustre reception to American Riviera Orchard.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Meghan has come under fire in recent weeks. -Credit:Getty Images

"The one fly in the ointment is Meghan’s new internet brand, America Riviera Orchard. Meghan was in tears when the brand launched and her new jam was widely mocked for being expensive and nothing special," he explained.

"She has reached the point now where she thinks that anything and everything she does will be unfairly criticised. Like her husband, she feels that people are unfairly picking on her - she cannot understand why people don’t admire her work."

"She is especially sensitive about any criticism of her luxurious lifestyle in the US – from her point of view this is something to be admired not criticised," Tom added.

The Duchess of Sussex is reportedly planning on a PR blitz in the run up to American Riviera Orchard going live, and will attempt to win over new followers for the brand as she makes a string of appearances on chat shows and podcasts as well as giving interviews to "specially selected" journalists.

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