Meghan Markle's 'laughable' claim about daughter Lilibet that she said 'with a straight face'

Britain's Prince Harry (C), Duke of Sussex, and Britain's Meghan (R), Duchess of Sussex
Meghan and Harry were in Nigeria for a three-day visit -Credit:AFP via Getty Images

Meghan Markle has sparked a reaction with her comments about her daughter, Princess Lilibet, during her visit to Nigeria, which a royal expert has labelled "laughable".

The Duchess of Sussex was in the African nation alongside Prince Harry last weekend. The pair engaged in various charity events and also visited children at a school in Abuja, supported by their Archewell Foundation.

While addressing the pupils at Lightway Academy, Meghan shared an anecdote about her daughter. "Our daughter, Lili, she's much, much tinier than you guys," she said.

She went on to say: "She's about to turn three. And a few weeks ago she looked at me and she would just see the reflection in my eyes. And she [goes], 'Mama, I see me in you'", reports the Mirror.

Meghan elaborated: "Oh, now she was talking really literally. But I hung onto those words in a very different way. And I thought, yes, I do see me in you, and you see me in you."

She wrapped up her speech by expressing: "As I look around this room, I see myself in all of you as well."

Royal commentator Maureen Callahan expressed scepticism about Meghan's tale considering Lilibet's tender age. On GB News, she commented: "Meghan Markle tells this story with a straight face."

Maureen continued: "What is the point of this trip? She spent the whole time talking about herself. It is laughable."

She didn't stop there but also criticised Harry's conduct during the visit.

Maureen stated that "It is so laughable and further diminishes Harry in the eyes of the royals and the world. He is standing at attention as though he still holds his military honours and titles. As if he wasn't stripped of them when he left."

She added that Harry and Meghan seemed to be "playing as though they're still royals". This move was viewed as strange after they "spent the past four to five years telling us how terrible it was to be royals."

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