Meryl Streep Thought Snapchat Was For ‘Sexting’

What’s more, the Oscar-winning actress was shocked when she realised she HAD an account on the photo and video sharing site.


Credit: Wenn/Brian Dowling/Composite

The Mama Mia! star confessed she isn’t app savvy but has heard of one particular sharing platform that swiftly deletes content as soon as it is sent.

What else could that be useful for, eh? Other than sending saucy messages to your bae…

Jumping to conclusions, Meryl was convinced that Snapchat - which was founded by Miranda Kerr’s fiancé Evan Spiegel - was only for sexting, until she found out she was on it as well.

Someone in the actress’ camp had signed her up.


Credit: Wenn


Just to be clear, Meryl - who has daughters Mamie, 33, Grace, 30, Louisa, 25, and 36-year-old son Henry with her husband Don Gummer - wasn’t stripping and posting snaps.

Speaking to she said: “Somebody told me that I Snapchatted, but I don’t know how to Snapchat and I thought it was the thing that you do when you’re sexting sort of and then you want it to be erased.”

Meanwhile, the Devil Wears Prada star would love to play Fashion editor Miranda Priestly again in a sequel to the movie but isn’t keep to reprise her role as Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia! because she’d have to play the granny.

She explained: ”(When asked) I thought, Gram-Mamma Mia!? Really? No. It would depend on the script … If somebody has the imagination and wit to apply and has an interesting story, yeah, sure.“

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