Met Office say temperatures will peak at 31°C this week before a change

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Monday was the hottest day of the year in some parts of the UK, with temperatures set to peak at 31°C later this week. Temperatures in some areas exceeded 28°C on Monday, although it was overcast in some parts of Wales.

It comes as warmer weather and likely heatwaves forecast for parts of the country this week offer a "welcome boost" to the hospitality sector after a drizzly spring saw footfall wane, according to industry leaders.

The hottest temperature recorded on Monday was 28.3°C in Wisley, Surrey, the Met Office said. This is the warmest temperature recorded so far this year, overtaking a 27.5°C reading taken in Chertsey, also in Surrey, in May.

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On Monday, London saw a peak recording of 27.4°C at St James's Park, while temperatures rose to 26.9°C in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and reached 25°C in Northern Ireland. Temperatures in London are forecast to hit peaks of 31°C on Wednesday, with much of south-east England basking in the mid-20s for the first half of the week. You can get more story updates straight to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters here.

The Met Office forecast for Wales says: "Tuesday will be another mostly fine day across the region, with light winds and further spells of very warm sunshine developing after a grey and misty start in places. Maximum temperature 25°C.

"Wednesday should continue largely dry with very warm sunshine. A small chance of a shower."

There are indications though of change on Thursday with "rain likely moving through from the west", introducing fresher, showery weather for Friday.

BBC Wales weather presenter Sabrina Lee says: "The heat and humidity will build over the next few days with some spots getting up to 27°C, but it will feel cool and fresher from Thursday. There is a lot of dry weather in the forecast with only a few showers around. Tuesday will be sunny with some patchy cloud with not too much of a breeze.

"The heat will still be with us on Wednesday with the chance of only one or two showers. It could get to 27°C in some places before a change on Thursday."

By Friday, fresher conditions are likely to be established across all areas, with temperatures near or a little below average in the northwest, and near or a little above average in the southeast. There will also be plenty of dry weather with sunny spells, although showers and breezy conditions most likely in the north/northwest.

The hot weather marks a break from the rainy spring, which saw 32% more rainfall than the average in England and Wales according to the Met Office, and hampered businesses reliant on tourism or high street foot traffic.

Mark Sidaway is a deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office and said: “Although we are expecting to see some very warm temperatures this week, it may not be the wall-to-wall sunshine and blue skies people are expecting as there is likely to be some cloud around in places.

“Some areas, mainly central and eastern England, will see temperatures which exceed the heatwave criteria. To be officially recognised as a ‘heatwave’ though, the temperature must be reached for three consecutive days.

“Although we are looking to enjoy some nice warm temperatures, the weather this week does not look particularly exceptional or extreme.”

The heatwave threshold is met when a location records at least three consecutive days with maximum temperatures exceeding a designated value, according to the Met Office.

This is 25°C for most of the UK, but rises to 28°C in London and its surrounding area, where temperatures are typically higher.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, said sunshine and warm weather meant pubs "sell more beer".

She added: "The last period of sustained warm sunnier weather way back in September last year saw average increased sales of almost 20% and this is crucial for both brewers and pubs after the more challenging winter months and recent wet weather."

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of trade body UKHospitality, said: "The weather often plays an important role in people's decision-making and the current spell of warm weather will be a welcome boost for hospitality venues across the country, with people keen to get out and make the most of the sunshine.

"Businesses across the sector will be hoping for a strong summer to offset the impact of the ever-rising cost burden that they are facing," she added.

The Met Office UK long-range forecast for the start of July said that there will be "fresher conditions" with westerly wind from the Atlantic.

The forecast for Saturday, June 29, to Monday, July 8, says: "Changeable weather is most likely to prevail through much of this period; the hotter and more humid weather experienced by the south prior to this will most likely have been pushed away into the nearby Continent. The risk of these conditions lingering or returning to the far southeast now looks to be very small."

It adds: "This aside, northwestern areas are likely to see the most frequent rainfall, whilst southern and eastern areas remain drier, and a trend towards more generally settled weather for most of the United Kingdom through the period is probable. Temperatures expected to be around to a little above average."

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