Mexican Forces Surround Central American Migrant Caravan Between Ciudad Hidalgo and Tapachula

Mexican forces surrounded a group of migrants on a highway in Frontera Hidalgo, Mexico, on January 23, video from journalist Hugo Vera shows.

The caravan from Honduras had entered Mexico via Guatemala in hopes of eventually reaching the United States.

Mexican National Guard soldiers and representatives from the National Institute of Migration were waiting for the migrants on the highway between Ciudad Hidalgo and Tapachula with buses, video from local reporter Hugo Vera shows. Tapachula Migrant Solidarity, an activist group traveling with the caravan, said many of the migrants have refused to board the buses “until they are given Mexican Refuge.”

Tapachula Migrant Solidarity expects that the migrants will be held in Siglo XXI, an immigration detention center in Tapachula known for overcrowding and bad conditions.

The caravan of migrants and asylum seekers left Honduras eight days earlier, according to reports, with the aim of passing through Mexico and reaching the US.

The Mexican government has been under pressure to stop migrants from passing through its territory in order to gain access to the US.

Video from Hugo Vera shows a group of migrants, some of whom are holding a large American flag, flanked by Mexican forces on Mexico’s 200 Highway in Frontera Hidalgo — a small town between Ciudad Hidalgo, where they entered Mexico, and the city of Tapachula. Credit: Hugo Vera/Telesur via Storyful