Michael Schumacher details family 'don't want you to know' on dark web

Michael Schumacher's family were cruelly "tormented" by a father-son blackmail duo who threatened to publish info about the stricken star on the dark web. German cops claim the father and son pair planned to extort millions from the Schumacher family by tormenting them with secret files on the Formula One legend.

Michael's wife Corinna has been targeted by blackmailers in the past looking to extort millions from the stricken family. German cops claim the father and son pair planned to extort millions from the Schumacher family after his ski incident.

The two suspects from Wuppertal, Germany, were caught on Wednesday 19 June after being tracked down in a supermarket car park. The men said the family wouldn't want the files to become public due to what they contained.

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To keep the information private the father-son duo demanded they were sent millions to keep the information off the dark web. Cops were able to track down the extortionists, aged 53 and 30 respectively, through "technical measures", report Focus.

Earlier this year, the Schumacher family were awarded £170,239 in compensation by a German court after successfully suing a magazine over a fake 'interview' they published, which was presented on the front page as being his first since his accident.

AI-generated quotes claimed Schumacher could stand "by myself and even slowly walk a few steps", and that his family were "very sad" about his ordeal. The magazine did state in the copy that the quotes were not real, and the furious Schumacher family quickly sought legal advice.

Publisher Funke Mediengruppe apologised to the family and editor-in-chief Ann Hoffman was sacked. Despite that action, the Munich labour court ruled in the Schumachers' favour and ordered the magazine group to pay damages.

Schumacher made a name for himself with the Ferrari F1 team back in the 1990s and 2000s.