Microsoft Office to appear on iPad and Android 'early next year'

Microsoft Word and other favourite programmes from Microsoft's Office suite could finally appear on iPhone, iPad and Android early next year.

Microsoft has previously talked about a mobile version of its hugely popular Office product, but a date has never been confirmed.

The leak was revealed by technology blog The Verge, which cited "several sources close to Microsoft".

The new app would be known as Office Mobile, and would allow users to view and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on mobile devices.

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The Verge claims that the application will launch 'early next year' but did not confirm a release date.

The new apps would allow users to edit Word documents, for example, but would not provide the full functionality of the desktop versions.

The Verge claims that the apps would require a subscription to Microsoft's Office 365 service, a business-oriented service with a monthly subscription charge around £5 per month.

Microsoft was not available for comment.