Microsoft unveils Surface Adaptive Kit to improve gadget accessibility

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Microsoft has unveiled a new kit designed to make using gadgets more accessible for people with disabilities without compromising on their form or function.

Alongside the announcement of its new range of Surface devices, the company revealed the Surface Adaptive Kit – a range of labels for computer keys, cable port indicators and cable tags, and even device openers.

A number of the stickers are so-called bump labels, which come in a range of contrasting shapes and colours so they are easier to spot for people with sight loss and are raised so feel more prominent to the touch.

These are joined by transparent keycap labels, designed for the computer keys and are also raised to help guide users to certain keys.

Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit
The kit contains a range of stickers, labels and tags to aid device accessibility. (Microsoft/PA)

The small pack, which Microsoft will sell for £14.99, also includes coloured tags and stickers to aid users in matching cables with their corresponding computer port.

The set is completed by two opener supports, to help those who may have limited strength more easily open a laptop lid by giving them a larger lift to pull on, with a second loop included which could attack to a lanyard or strap and is designed to be used to open a Surface Pro kickstand.

Dave Dame, Microsoft’s director of accessibility for devices, said: “It’s not simply about creating accessible technology, it’s about what the person can achieve and experience because of that technology.”

The new kit is the latest in a number of high-profile accessibility products the company has unveiled in recent years, including an adaptive controller for its Xbox console which makes playing the latest video games easier for those with a disability.

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