Milkmen will now deliver beer with your pint straight to your front door

Bronwen Weatherby

A milk delivery service is now offering to drop beer off at your front door with the morning milk.

The move, by dairy giant Milk & More, is the latest in their attempt to woo back customers to the traditional milk delivery.

Their doorstep milkmen, who deliver to streets across London and the UK, can start dropping 330ml bottles of low-percentage lager, pale ale and brown ale.

Almost all households across the country had milk delivered to their door up until the 1970s.

The traditional milkman is on the rise again (Getty Images)

Sales plummeted when manufacturers began using plastic bottles and supermarkets initiated a price war.

However, amid a backlash against plastic and a nostalgia for the old ways thousands of people are switching back.

Doorstep drops have jumped up from 800,000 to a million in less than two years.

German company Muller relaunched Milk & More last year and have since distributed milk in the UK using electric carts.

Now it has partnered with Ipswich brewery Big Drop which sells beer at £1.99 per bottle.

The beer joins a multitude of offerings, including Christmas Turkeys, breakfast items and other nibbles which can also be carted to your door alongside your milk before 7am.