Millennials spark debate over calls to ban 'stressful' voicemails

Lucia Binding
Millennials are calling for a ban on voicemails: JESHOOTS/Pixabay

Millennials have admitted a fear of voicemails amid calls for them to be "banned".

People under the age of 35 blamed messaging services including Whatsapp for making them apprehensive over leaving a voice message.

Journalist and author Matt Haig sparked the conversation with the tweet: “I vote to ban voicemails.”

I’m A Celeb star and broadcaster Iain Lee replied: “Oh god, no! Then I'd actually have to take phone calls. No. You're wrong on this one Matt.”

The exchange sparked a social media debate, with many young users agreeing with the Reasons to Stay Alive writer.

One woman tweeted: “Yes! It’s literally like an order of anxiety.”

Another user added: “Seconded. When people can already reach me by text, WhatsApp, work email, personal email, Twitter DMs, Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, snail mail, and phone, WHY LEAVE A VOICEMAIL FFS”.

While one young man said: “I find voicemail notifications so stressy that I went as far finding out how to turn them off, and then turned them off - I kid you not. If it’s important, people will text or call again.”

Others preferred receiving voicemails to phone calls, because it means they can avoid speaking on the phone.

One user said: “I disagree because 99 per cent of the time I don't answer my phone and 99 per cent of the time I say if it's important enough they'll leave a voicemail.”