Millionaire Causes Traffic Jam In London To Get His £540k Porsche Washed

Anyone who spends hundreds of thousands of pounds on a car will want to keep it clean - even if that means holding everyone up.

The owner of this £540,000 Porsche 918 Spyder is a Saudi millionaire who decided the car needed a spruce up - on one of London’s busiest roads.

Sitting outside the posh Mandarin Hotel in Brompton road, cleaners set to work in giving the car the once over - but it caused misery for other drivers.

Motorists were forced to slow down, while bus drivers even had to change lanes so they could get past the Porsche.

Paul Wallace, who saw the car while it was being washed, said: “For around one hour, two guys washed the car on arguably the busiest road through central London, Brompton Road.

“It was comical and certainly stopped the general public as they walked by.

“The Porsche had recently been wrapped in Brushed Aluminium, giving it a satin chrome effect…

“There are a couple of well known valeters and detailers in London that provide car owners the privacy and security, but it seemed this owner didn’t care and wanted it done quickly.”

The car, that can reach speeds of 210mph, was reportedly washed, polished and vacuumed before  the roads got back to normal again.

It is believed that the car belongs to Saudi Arabian rally driver, Yazeed Al-Rajhi, who owns his own racing team, Yazeed Racing.

Pics: SWNS