Cat found covered in burns and sexually abused in RSPCA's 'worst ever case' finds a loving new home

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Minnie's shocking start to life was described as "heartbreaking" (RSPCA)

An abused cat dubbed the “worst case” of cruelty the RSCPA had ever seen has found her forever home after being adopted by loving new owners.

One-year-old tortoiseshell Minnie had a heartbreaking start in life after being found in Bagshot Road, Woking with burns all over her body and signs of sexual abuse.

The one-year-old tortoiseshell has found her forever home after being cared for by the RSCPA since June (RSPCA)

Minnie’s case shocked the nation after she was found in June and the RSPCA launched an investigation to find the perpetrators of the “heartbreaking” attack.

Minnie, then nine months old, was covered with maggot-infested wounds when she was found.

The adorable moggy had a makeshift splint on her front leg and was left unable to stand or walk on her back legs because of nerve and tissue damage.

Mrs Mumford poses with an RSCPA carer as she picked Minnie up (RSPCA)

But on Tuesday, after being cared for at the RSCPA Millbrook Animal centre since June, Minnie finally found a home.

She was picked up by Thea and Simon Mumford, who took her back to Kent.

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Mrs Mumford - the proud owner of a further seven rescue cats - said: “When we first met her I thought it would take her a little while to warm to us but straightaway she was so playful and loving, her transformation has been astonishing.

“She still has moments of being scared so I often let her come to me and she will nuzzle her head under my hand, looking for some affection.

Minnie, then nine-months-old, was found in a horrendous condition when she was found covered in burns and signs of sexual abuse (RSPCA)

“I feel in such a privileged position to have been able to help Minnie. You see stories like this and feel sad but it’s not often you are able to make a real difference.”

Claire Jones, cattery supervisor at Millbrook Animal Centre, who looked after Minnie in the early days of her recovery said: “We all fell completely head over heels for little Minnie when she came into the centre. She is such a lovely little cat and had such shocking injuries.

Minnie (RSPCA)

“She's a tough cookie, and she gradually showed small signs of improvement in the cattery, and in her foster home her legs got stronger and stronger.

“It’s wonderful to know she is now in a loving forever home where she can enjoy the rest of her life surrounded by a family who cares for her.”

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