Miriam Margolyes goes ‘seriously off script’ discussing Hitler, sex and Harry Styles in viral Cameo TikTok

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Miriam Margolyes goes ‘seriously off script’ discussing Hitler, sex and Harry Styles in viral Cameo TikTok

A Cameo video in which Miriam Margolyes goes “seriously off script” talking about sex and Hitler has gone viral on TikTok.

The Harry Potter actor has a profile on the popular video app, where fans can buy personalised video messages from their favourite celebrities.

One such message went to London-based German TikTok user Christine, who posted a compilation of her wildest messages from Margolyes in April.

On Sunday (8 May), Christine posted the full video to TikTok, in which Margolyes could be seen wishing her “a glorious, sex-obsessed birthday”.

The 80-year-old starts by speaking in German, telling Christine her name and that she’s a lesbian, adding: “I’ve forgotten what the word in German is for a lesbian, but anyway, whatever it is, I’m it.”

Upon hearing that Christine was about to turn 32, the outspoken actor said: “Oh my god, I hope your c***’s still moist. Maybe [friend who bought the Cameo] doesn’t care about your c*** but you never know.”

Margolyes then read that Christine was going to see Harry Styles perform live four times this year, asking: “Forgive me, who is Harry Styles? Should I know him, is he a singer? Or is he your boyfriend?”


Reply to @rjdhul here’s the full version. She went slightly off script 💀💀💀 #fyp #foryou #miriammargolyes #cameo #funnyvideos

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She then continued: “I think Germany is a fabulous country. I wish it hadn’t had Hitler, I’m sure you do too. I’m very political, I’m very much on the left. So if you’re on the right, f*** off c***-face. In fact I’m supposed to end my message with peace and love, f*** off. Will that do?”

Margolyes ended the message addressing Christine’s love of TikTok, which she called a “waste of time”.

“But then, of course, you’re only 32 and you know nothing. That’s the truth darling. And you know what? I know nothing as well.”

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