'Missing' Brit hiker 'rescued' by Jay Slater search team says he didn't need saving

David Larkin says he was not lost
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A British hiker, who was discovered by search teams in Tenerife while they were looking for missing teenager Jay Slater, has clarified that he didn't require rescuing. David Larkin expressed his gratitude for their concern but insisted he was fine.

The 51-year-old was trekking near the location where the young boy was last seen when rescuers mistakenly thought he needed assistance, too. The Spanish Police even shared their "success" on Facebook, stating they "rushed to the rescue of a 51-year-old Scottish hiker". However, Mr Larkin has now spoken to reporters to set the record straight, reports the Mirror.

He firmly stated: "I can tell you now, I wasn't tired and I wasn't disoriented, and I didn't need rescuing. I think there was a lot lost in translation. I explained to them I had water, I was wearing layers, I had my rucksack with food and I'm an experienced hiker."

Mr Larkin, a former director of a housing project based in Hackney, arrived in Tenerife earlier this month and is staying in a one-bedroom hut on the edge of a cliff while embarking on treks across the park. Speaking to MailOnline, he added: "I went into the canyon and I saw the helicopters looking and thought they were looking for the lad but I didn't for one minute think they would end up picking me up.

£I think they want to show how good they are, but I certainly didn't need saving. I feel so sorry for the boy's family and hope he's found soon."

"I'm actually embarrassed about this, I had my poles and I know what I'm doing and I knew that if it could get windy I would take shelter in a cave. I know these trails, I've been coming here for years, so I know what I'm doing."

Jay Slater, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, has been missing on the holiday island since Monday. He was last seen by the owner of an Airbnb and it is thought he had missed the bus to reach friends at the south of the island, an area popular with British tourists.

His last known location has been traced to Rural del Teno, a mountainous area in the west of the island. The closest town is Santiago del Teide.

He had been staying on the south of the island in an apartment with friends. One of those pals, Lucy Mae, told police she woke up to a phone call from Jay at 8.30am saying "he was lost in the mountains, he wasn't aware of his surroundings, he desperately needed a drink and his phone was on 1%".

Shortly before vanishing, Jay had been messaging friends on social media Snapchat and seemed in a normal and stable state of mind. His phone died around 8.50am, with his last known location registered near a hiking trail, several hundred feet above the small village of Masca.

Just a day ago, a former British detective expressed to the Mirror that Jay's disappearance, at 19, should have been viewed as a potential murder investigation right from the beginning. This is a critical step in keeping the most pertinent forensic evidence intact during the crucial opening 24 hours of the case.

Ex-Met DCI Steve Gaskin confessed to the Mirror that things are "not looking good" for Jay.