Mistake I made outside of Liverpool I won't make again

A crowd of people gather in Concert Square in Liverpool's city centre
-Credit: (Image: Andrew Teebay)

There are many differences I have noticed when outside of Liverpool for a night out.

One stark difference I noticed was the queuing technique. In Liverpool we simply all stand at the bar and trust that our fellow drinker at the side of us knows you are before them and so on and so forth.

There is none of this school dinner vibes queuing for a bevvy. Also I've noticed that going 'in a round' isn't as much of a thing as it is when you're out in town.

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However there is one other thing I realised which was completely different - and I found out the hard way.

When ordering a round at the bar, it is almost an unwritten rule to tell the bar staff to 'take their own' knowing that they will put 20p or 50p in the tip jar. But that appears not to be the case in other parts of the UK.

Let us know in the comments below anything else you have noticed that is not the same outside of Liverpool

I stayed in Southampton one night after Liverpool FC played down at St Mary's and after the match, we went out for a couple of drinks. As you do, you start a round and in the next pub, it was my turn to go to the bar.

As I ordered three pints, a Guinness and a diet coke, I told the young member of staff to 'take their own'. What I didn't expect was for the bartender to take that literally and put a double gin and tonic on my round for an extra £8.60.

I was puzzled but reluctantly paid for the drink and accepted that 'take your own' most clearly doesn't mean the same as it does in Liverpool.

Maybe it is a generational tradition that is dying out but I learnt my lesson the hard way and I will know not to make the same mistake again.

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