Mitsubishi teases plug-in hybrid crossover ahead of Tokyo motor show debut

By Darren Cassey, PA Motoring Reporter

Mitsubishi has teased a plug-in hybrid crossover concept that looks set to feature a unique look.

Little technical information has been revealed, but the Japanese car maker says the hybrid powertrain will be smaller and weigh less than that used in its current crop of cars. It also suggests that the electric motor will be used to offer four-wheel drive.

Mitsubishi says the concept will preview a rugged 4×4 designed to be as capable off-road as it is in everyday driving.

  • Smaller, lighter hybrid powertrain
  • All-wheel drive
  • Capable on the road and off
  • Buttresses promise unique look

The teaser shows the rear three-quarter angle of the car, displaying a pair of buttresses on either side of the car – more commonly seen on sporty convertibles – flanking a glass panel that appears to house the battery and electric motor portion of the powertrain.

Four fan-like units are fitted into the buttresses too, which would likely be used to keep the electric motors cool.

The full concept will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show from October 24.