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Model responds to criticism after cutting up $2,100 Prada jumpsuit at Paris Fashion Week: 'I paid for [it]'

A fashion influencer’s risky DIY has TikTokers on the edge of their seats this week after the woman literally took scissors to a designer jumpsuit from Prada.

The model and influencer at the center of it all is Madeleine White (@madeleine_white). She was all set to attend Fashion Week in Milan when she decided to have a little fun with her outfit.

“It’s Prada Fashion Show Day!” White announces in the video before admitting that she still isn’t sure how she went from filming “silly little TikToks” in her apartment to being invited to one of fashion’s biggest events of the year.

But before she heads out to the show, White holds up a shopping bag sent by Prada and pulls out a $2,100 jumpsuit she received just for the occasion.

“OK, this is the jumpsuit,” she says, calling it “very chic” despite being a bit “utilitarian.” But as she models the outfit in front of the camera, White instantly feels it’s missing something.

“I think we need to make it a little more me,” she declares.

And boy, does she.

Out come the scissors, and before you know it, she’s boldly cutting it in two, creating a cropped jacket and a matching mini skirt. To accessorize the look, she puts on a styled bralette and a Prada belt, along with some chunky ’90s-inspired heels and a little pink purse that’s straight out of Clueless. And, because she’s not one to waste any fabric, White even turns the legs of the jumpsuit into a pair of leg warmers.

A lot of people were shocked by White’s risky fashion decision. (After all, if things had gone wrong, what would she have done?!) But ultimately, the overwhelming consensus was positive.

“My soul left my body … And slowly came back,” one person wrote in the comments. “Im traumatized and loving it at the same time.”

“Most expensive 5 minute crafts ever,” another person added.

“omg I had chills about you cutting a Prada jumpsuit,” said someone else.

But despite their shock, most people applauded White’s decision and even said they liked her design more than the original.

“Cutting Prada on THE DAY, girl is brave!” one person commented. “But what a slay.”

“This looks so much better than the jumpsuit,” another TikToker declared. “Prada — give this woman a job!”

“The Prada designers punching the air right now that they didn’t come up with this fire fit,” added someone else.

While a few people did express their shock that she would dare to cut up something so expensive, White clarified in the comments that the outfit wasn’t actually gifted.

“I paid for the jumpsuit,” she told one TikToker. “I would never do this to a loan.”

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