Mollie King’s Debut Solo Single ‘Back To You’ Is Here And It’s An Absolute Dream

Mollie King has released her debut solo single Back To You – and it’s an absolute dream (or nightmare, if you listen to the conflicting lyrics on the turmoil-ridden track).

The electronic pop single – produced by LA duo The Blueprint and co-written with Rob Fusari – is an ode to being in a “vicious cycle with someone” that you’re dating (rumoured to be about her ex-boyfriend model David Gandy).


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Stripping everything back, Mollie rides the waves of the atmospheric track (and the relationship) like keys on a piano until the dreamy and defenseless chorus in which Mollie incessantly asks: “Why do I keep coming back to you?”

“With ‘Back To You’, I was actually going to cancel the session on the day because I was feeling really down,” the Saturdays singer told Digital Spy.

“I was just going through a bit of a tough time. But I went in and just said to them, ‘Can we just write how I’m feeling?’”

Mollie, 29, admitted that she had originally planned upbeat floorfillers for her LP, but she scrapped the brief, explaining: “We didn’t work to a track and just got on a piano and wrote what I felt, at the time, like a ballad.


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“It was exactly how I was feeling – I didn’t even think about the press and how people would react to it – but I was just in this vicious cycle with this guy.”

Mollie has been in the recording studio working on her debut solo album all year, which is expected for release in early 2017 – and we’ll certainly be coming back for more.

Listen to Back To You below: