Monster unveils new £20,000 headphones

The company behind the Beats by Dre range has unveiled a pair of headphones which cost £20,000 - on sale in Harrods from today. ((Image: Monster))

The company behind the Beats by Dre range has unveiled a pair of headphones which cost £20,000 - on sale in Harrods from today.

The £20,000 Diamond Tears headphones currently on sale at Harrods from today are a step up from the £269 price tag of a pair of Beats by Dre Studio headphones, however.

The price hike concerns the gold and the diamonds used in the design, managed by Korean jewellery designer Sally Sohn.

The entire surround of each headphone is made from 18k gold and there’s 5.56 carats of black diamonds too.

Noel Lee of Monster commented “The creation of the Diamond Tears was truly a labour of love for us, and being able to work with such a talented, ahead-of-the-curve designer as Sally to craft such a special, museum-quality work of art was really the icing on the cake”.

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Monster claim that 100 hours of work go into each pair of Diamond Tears - Sally Sohn edition, though the audio technology is the same as the standard Diamond Tears headphone which cost around £249.

The foldable design and general style mimics the Beats by Dre range but is thought to appeal to women in line with the Lady Gaga endorsed Hearbeats headphones which featured similar angular edges.

Monster is a company that built itself into a giant brand by providing cables to the audio industry over the last 30 years but it’s been thrust into public attention by making headphones endorsed (and designed) by everyone from Lady Gaga to Earth, Wind and Fire.

Crucially, Noel Lee of Monster is also the man behind the audio tuning of the ‘Beats by Dre’ headphone range, seen on everyone from Olympians to footballers, rap stars to teenagers. Last year, Dr Dre earned more than Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, despite not releasing an album.

His earnings totalled a staggering $110M, largely from his involvement with the Beats by Dre product range.

Harrods has also today revealed a £10,000 55 inch 4K TV from LG, after previously stocking a range of 4K TVs from Sony at Christmas, purchased by George Michael.

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