Montana Brown says stalker used AirTag to track her

Montana Brown was tracked using an AirTag credit:Bang Showbiz
Montana Brown was tracked using an AirTag credit:Bang Showbiz

Montana Brown claims a stalker used an Apple AirTag to track her location.

The former 'Love Island' star discovered that her movements were being tracked by an AirTag - a small device that usually pairs with a phone - during a trip to Los Angeles.

Montana, 27 - who flushed the device without thinking too much of it - told BBC Newsbeat: "It was only really when I came back home and I told a few of my friends ... I realised that's so creepy.

"My friends were like: 'you should absolutely be making more of a big deal out of this because this could happen to anybody'."

Montana actually detailed her experience on social media, and after reading through her replies, it dawned on the TV star that "this is clearly something that happens quite often".

She added: "This is obviously a method that people are using to track people, and maybe track women who are travelling on their own.

"So that was kind of a penny drop. I was just thankful that I found it and was able to get rid of it."

Tallulah Belassie-Page, from The Suzy Lamplugh Trust, which supports victims of stalking, revealed that incidents of tracking have recently increased.

She shared: "We have had several reports of AirTags being used to track victims, often with victims as young as school age receiving these alerts that an AirTag is on their person.

"They were produced by Apple to help you track things such as your keys and wallet, but we do know that in the hands of the wrong perpetrator they can be used for stalking."

Meanwhile, Apple has condemned the misuse of its products in "the strongest possible terms".