Moose Relocated After Being Caught Wandering Around Parking Lot in Colorado

Officers from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) relocated a moose from a parking garage in Lionshead Village, Vail, Colorado, on the morning of July 27.

Residents of the neighborhood had been calling CPW about the moose for around a month before this incident, CPW said. However within the last 10 days, the moose had been frequenting the ground level of parking garages.

“He was licking the walls, presumably for all the deicing agents that are used on the upper-story decks of the parking structure,” CPW said. “CPW has worked closely with the Town of Vail to remove residual salts that may have served as an attractant, but the moose continued to remain in the area.”

It was decided that the moose should be removed when it started spending large portions of the day in the neighborhood.

This video, posted on Twitter by Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Region, shows the estimated 750-pound moose being tranquilized before being lifted out of the parking lot by Vail Fire, Vail Police and crews from the Town of Vail Public Works department.

CPW said the moose was to be relocated to a more appropriate habitat in a remote area outside Craig, Colorado, on Tuesday afternoon. Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northwest Region via Storyful

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