'This Morning' guest offends viewers with race claims

A woman who has had injections to transition from a white woman to a black woman has returned to This Morning to update the show on her progress – bringing her new husband, who has had the same treatment.

Martina Big, from Germany, has been a guest on the ITV programme a number of times before to document the injections she has received to change the colour of her skin.

She was back again to show off the latest stage in her dramatic transformation on Monday, which included introducing new husband Michael.

Talking about the many procedures she’d gone through, Big said: “It’s like when boys get a new car, they start tuning and think it’s a nicer result, let’s find a matching piece, and then it’s more and more.”

(ITV Pictures)
(ITV Pictures)

But she offended viewers by claiming that her change in appearance had made her a black woman in every respect, not just the colour of her skin.

She said: “I really feel 100% that I’m black, but it’s really hard to find the words to explain to people who aren’t involved.

“The injections only started the process, but being black is not only being a different colour, it’s everything in total.

“When I compare to my African friends, I have more in common with my German friends.”

Presenter Holly Willoughby cautioned: “A lot of people will be upset and offended by what you’re saying.”

And John Barrowman, filling in as co-host for Phillip Schofield, added: “It’s hard to learn another race and that’s what you’re doing.”

Her husband Michael, who has also had the injections, told the programme: “I had the same treatment as Martina, but Martina looks better, and I wish to be a little bit more tanned.”

Big also made the surprising claim that doctors had told her if she decided to start a family with Michael, their children would be black.

An incredulous Willoughby questioned how genetically that could happen, but Big insisted: “I’m pretty sure it will be black.”

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