This Morning viewers stunned by 'half-naked adults' claiming to be 'real life mermaids'

This Morning viewers were left at a loss for words earlier today when three “half-naked adults” appeared on the show claiming to be “real-life mermaids”.

Grace, Jessica and Siki opened up about their lives as mer-people, admitting to spending thousands of pounds on their passion.

They explained how they became mermaids. Copyright: [ITV]

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield could barely contain their bemusement as they quizzed the trio on their bizarre decision to turn themselves into the mythical creatures, with a tail alone costing around £1,700 on average.

Grace explained: “Most little girls and boys want to be mermaids when they grow up so it just grew from the love from that.”

Meanwhile, Jessica admitted that she became a mermaid after discovering a course that trains people on how to become one professionally, with the course costing a staggering £800.

The trio have spent thousands on their training and costumes. Copyright: [ITV]

She and Grace received a diving qualification from the training, which also taught them how to swim confidently with their extravagant mermaid tails on, and saw them take part in a special photoshoot,

Speaking about the cost of the tails, Grace confessed to spending £2,500 on hers, with Siki adding: “It depends on what you wants from your tail but it is around £1,700.

“It can be much more expensive than that, especially in America.”

Host Phillip couldn’t hide his bemusement. Copyright: [ITV]

Stunned viewers couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched the interview unfold, taking to Twitter to share their reactions to the mermaids:

In spite of the disbelief, professional mermaids are becoming increasingly popular as a form of kids’ entertainment, with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian treating their young children, North and Penelope, to a visit from a mermaid just last year.

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