Morrissey: ‘Pop Music Is Obsessed With Idiots In An Age Of Electronic Atrocity’

He announced earlier this month he wanted to run for London mayor to stop Britain’s slaughter of animals, comparing it to the Nazi holocaust.

Now he has declared pop music is a world peopled by idiots in an era of “atrocity and carnage”.

The singer, below, lashed the state of pop music and admitted he finds it a world that is “very difficult” to be a part of because it’s saturated with “stupid people”.


Former Smiths frontman Morrissey, real name Steven Patrick Morrissey, wrote in a lengthy note posted at the weekend on his fan website ‘It’s very difficult for me, I think, to live now, in this electronic age of atrocity.

‘We are fed nothing but carnage and ruin, and we must digest these images and thoughts every single day… so is it any wonder we all look slightly terrorised… this stupid civilization of advertising, advertising, advertising… things that nobody wants.

‘It’s hard to maintain indifference and to not respond.’


He continued: ‘Finally, nothing connects with anything. Even to have imagination suddenly seems hopeless because pop music has become so impoverished and obsessed only with very, very stupid people.’

The 56-year-old, above with former bandmate Johnny Marr in their Smiths heyday, also took a swipe at British youth radio station BBC Radio 1 for the choice of bands and artists they feature on the show, compared to a time when they once had the late American novelist William Burroughs, below, on air.

He added: ‘It’s fascinating to consider how Radio One once interviewed William Burroughs! These days the program planners at Radio One would pass on William Burroughs in favor of Little Boots. So it’s a bit like trying to deal with people who have nothing but actually want even less than they have.’


The Big Mouth Strikes Again singer also lamented the loss of a time when celebrities maintained a reverence-inspiring air of mystery.

He concluded: ‘I look at Richard Davalos and James Dean not as faces from a more simplistic time, but as faces of a beautiful and secret society. You cannot say that about anyone in 2016.’

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