Morrissey wears anti-Guardian T-shirt onstage

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY - DECEMBER 17: Morrissey, vocalist of the band The Smiths, performs on stage at Volkswagen Arena on December 17, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Bulent Doruk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)
Morrissey performs onstage at Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul on December 17, 2014. (Photo by Bulent Doruk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Morrissey has had a fractious relationship with The Guardian newspaper for some years now.

And last night the former Smiths frontman proved his dislike for the publication showed no signs of dissipating anytime soon, as he performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles wearing a sleeveless T-shirt adorned with the statement: “F*** The Guardian”.

Discussing the clothing choice, music journalist James McMahon said: “The most depressing aspect of my musical fandom has been the slow realisation that someone I thought was clever - so clever - has all the smarts of a cement mixer.”

The former Smiths frontman makes clear his disdain for The Guardian newspaper during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, 26 October 2019.
The former Smiths frontman makes clear his disdain for The Guardian newspaper during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, 26 October, 2019.

Morrissey, 60, renowned for his melodious yet biting lyrics, has had a long-running feud with the paper, which he says is running a “hate campaign” against him.

Following the release of his latest solo album, the singer went online to post his feelings towards the paper, saying: “Given the inexhaustible Hate Campaign executed against me by The Guardian and their followers, I am pleased with the UK chart position for ‘California Son’.

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He added: “It is worth noting that their chief antagonist in this Hate Campaign is someone I took to court some years ago for writing lies about me. He lost his court battle then, and now he’s seeking his personal revenge by using The Guardian, who have been harassing everyone and anyone connected with my music imploring them to say something terrible about me for print. This is the open face of Soviet Britain.”

Morrissey has faced a backlash for his political beliefs in recent years. His apparent support for nationalist groups has disappointed many left-leaning fans of his music. He was spotted wearing badges supporting far-right political group Britain First during a performance in April.

Writing for The Guardian in July, comedian and former Morrissey and The Smiths fan Stewart Lee said he found the best way to deal with the singer was to simply stop listening to him.

He wrote: “I didn’t ceremonially smash Morrissey’s works or burn them in the street. It all happened with a whimper, not with a bang, and with sadness for the sorry state of things, not erectile pride in my own virtuousness.

“Suddenly, I just didn’t want Morrissey in my home any more. And I couldn’t imagine any circumstances under which I would ever listen to him again.”

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