Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer accidentally checked into a sex hotel while making 'Gone Fishing'

Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer in <i>Gone Fishing</i>. (BBC)
Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer in Gone Fishing. (BBC)

You can’t get much more genteel than a BBC Two series about fishing, but comedians Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer accidentally added a racy edge by booking into a sex hotel during filming.

Whitehouse and Mortimer, who present the series, realised something was fishy when they checked into the hotel between filming days, and soon worked out someone had made a boob with the booking.

In a book accompanying their show Gone Fishing, Mortimer wrote about their embarrassing experience.

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The Shooting Stars comedian explained: “There was a big door with one of those yellow plastic signs outside like when the floor gets wet.


“But it said, ‘Don’t come in — kissing and cuddling going on’.”

The hotel in Norfolk had been recommended to them by 76-year-old angler and TV star John Bailey, although it’s unclear whether he knew anything of its true nature.

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Whitehouse added: “We went down the next morning — and you know how in rural hotels at breakfast there’s always old couples? Not one. Just me and him.

“The two of us came down to breakfast and waved to them all, ‘Good morning! What are you up to today? Group sex? Right-o! No, that’s very kind, but we’re going pike fishing! Better put the old thermals on!’.”

Gone Fishing follows good pals Mortimer and Whitehouse around the UK on a fishing jaunt, taking in new experiences along the way.

The pair began the series after both undergoing life-changing heart surgery and it has been a hit with viewers, being renewed for a second series.