'Most Complete Gigantic Dinosaur' Goes on Display in London

Visitors to London’s Natural History Museum will be able to experience the “most complete gigantic dinosaur ever discovered” from Friday, March 31, the museum said.

Footage from the Natural History Museum shows the assembly of the cast of a Patagotitan mayorum fossil in the museum’s Waterhouse Gallery.

Patagotitan mayorum was a type of titanosaur, the biggest animals to walk the earth.

The living animal would have weighed approximately 57 tonnes and been 37 meters (around 121 feet) long from nose to tail, the Natural History Museum said.

The animal was a herbivore, eating up to 129 kg (284 pounds) of greens per day, according to the museum.

The cast of Patagotitan mayorum was provided to the Natural History Museum by the Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio (MEF) in Argentina.

IAG Cargo, the company responsible for transportation of the exhibit, said the fossil and casts were transported in 36 crates on two British Airways flights from Buenos Aires to London. Credit: Natural History Museum via Storyful