These are the most powerful passports in the world

The tiny island of Singapore is the home of the most powerful passport in the world, allowing its holders to visit 159 countries without a visa.

This is according to the latest analysis by the Passport Index, which ranks the power of each country’s passport by ease of access without a visa, or the ability to gain a visa on arrival.

The most powerful passports were calculated by looking at the entry conditions.

Passports of 193 United Nations member countries and 6 territories (ROC Taiwan, Macao (SAR China), Hong Kong (SAR China), Kosovo, Palestinian Territory and the Vatican) for a total of 199 were considered.

Countries that allowed entry from the passport holder without a visa scored the most points.

This was followed by countries that give a visa on arrival and then those that require a visa application.

At the other end of the list is Afghanistan with the weakest passport, granting entry to just three other countries without a visa.

Those that have fallen down the list include the US passport, which has slipped to sixth position.

Behind it follow Canada, Ireland and Malaysia.

Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office, said: ‘For the first time ever, an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world.’

The rank changes in real time depending on worldwide conflict and border control measurements, and was developed by a Canada-based global consultancy firm called Arton Capita.

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