Motorist With Umbrella Fights Skateboarder Outside London School

A photographer in London witnessed as schoolyard scrap of an unusual kind on March 1, when a disgruntled driver and a skateboarder traded blows at the gates of a school.

Thomas Butler, who recorded the footage, told Storyful that the “driver of the car almost hit the skater” and things escalated from there.

As the car pulls in at the gates of the Riverstone School, the skateboarder hits the bumper with his board. The driver then gets out, and grabs an umbrella before confronting the boarder. The umbrella is soon dropped, as the boarder gets the upper hand.

Butler told Storyful he stopped filming and went to break up the fight. The driver was left battered and bloody, Butler said, and drove away. Police arrived some time later, Butler said. Credit: Thomas Butler via Storyful