Mountain rescue team shares 'shocking' message to anyone taking their dog on a hike

Dog owners have been warned of the dangers that could come with taking their pets for a walk. It comes after Keswick Mountain Rescue Team was called out to Blackmoor Pols, Gillercomb, after a German shepherd became too injured to walk back to flat ground.

The pooch is used to walking a long distance with its owners but the rocky ground was too harsh for its paw pads. This caused them to split making for a painful injuries to all four of them.

Taking to Facebook, a spokesperson for the rescue team said: "Please forgive the shocking photo of this dog’s paw, it is to raise an important point that may be obvious to some but judging by how many of these incidents we get, not to the many who take their unconditioned dogs into the hills. In this case, all four paws had damaged pads.

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"The team was called to assist a party with a large four-year-old German Shepherd that could not walk as its hindquarters were weak and it had sore paws. The party had done a long walk over high rocky ground and were descending into Gillercomb when the dog refused to go any further. This dog gets regular exercise but walking on grassy fields is no preparation for rough and rocky fells.

"A difficult descent down Gillercomb and Sour Milk Gill was made with the dog on a stretcher back to Seathwaite." Heartbroken by their dog's injuries, the owners agreed to share what happened to their pet to educate others about the dangers.

It continued: "The dog’s owners were extremely upset and concerned about their beloved dog, they have learned a valuable lesson and were happy for us to use photos to educate anyone considering taking their dogs into the fells. Dogs don’t have fancy walking boots, how far could you walk barefoot in the mountains?"

One person replied in the comments: "Well done KMRT - a good lesson for dog owners, hopefully, people will learn from it. He looks so pleased to have been rescued." A second said: "He looked very happy being carried down and I don't blame him I would do the same if my feet looked like that. Well done team and hope you all got a cuddle at the end. It is something not everyone would think of and thanks to the owners for letting you share to raise awareness."

"Hot pavements can also cause soreness," a third added. "Some rescue dogs have their own boots when searching for people in wrecked buildings."