'Too much Elton John': John Lewis ad receives mixed response

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It’s the most magical time of the year – or at least as far as television advertising goes – as the official John Lewis Christmas advert has been unveiled.

And this year it’s gone in a completely new direction, by featuring a music icon. Elton John takes us on his musical career journey and reveals his most beloved Christmas gift to date – a piano from his mother and grandmother.

But of course, not everyone is happy about it. While some praised it and said it made them cry (presumedly in a good way) many have criticised the ad for being too much about Elton John and not enough about Christmas.

Many users said the ad is too Elton John marketing heavy, especially considering he is about to embark on his ‘final’ world tour ‘Yellow Brick Road.’

Several users also poked fun at the advert being released amidst the final Brexit negotiations and multiple cabinet members resigning.

And others pointed out that Elton John also has a biopic Rocketman coming out in May 2019, and that this advert is surely the ultimate promotional opportunity.

The big budget movie will star Taron Egerton as John, and will cover John’s prolific rise to fame. This will presumedly include him receiving his piano for Christmas, as shown in the John Lewis ad.

The ad is indeed in stark contrast to John Lewis celebrated ads of recent years. 2017’s ad starred a little boy who gradually befriends ‘Moz the Monster’ that lives beneath his bed.

Several fans called for the return of #Mozthemonster in light of Elton John’s ad.

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