Multiple police cars with 'blues and twos blaring' seen in convoy - but it's not what you think

Residents raised the alarm after multiple marked and unmarked police cars with their 'blues and twos blaring' drove in convoy through part of North Staffordshire. They got in touch with StokeonTrentLive amid concerns that a major incident was unfolding in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Readers reported seeing up to 15 cars and vans heading through Meir Heath, Blythe Bridge, Forsbrook and then down Cheadle High Street yesterday evening (May 8). One said: "There were seven unmarked cars and vans going up towards town."

Another added: "Fifteen police cars in total came past the Butchers." And a third said: "They drove through Oakamoor Road too. I’ve never seen those undercover vans before."

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But is has now been confirmed that the incident was part of Staffordshire Police's Alton Towers pre-planned training event to allow 999 crews to hone their 'search techniques'.

In a statement, a force spokesman said: "A number of officers and other members of the emergency services have taken part in a pre-planned training exercise at the Alton Towers Resort on May 8 2024. The training, which focused on search techniques, was carried out whilst the theme park was closed to guests.

"Our force has a long history of carrying out exercises at the Alton Towers Resort, which provides a dynamic setting for training our emergency services, and we are thankful for their continued support. This is a routine training exercise and there is no specific increased threat to the Alton Towers Resort or Staffordshire.

"We carry out regular training at the resort and with other venues across the county, to ensure officers and partner agencies are as prepared as they can be for any eventuality."

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