Mum slams other parents who judge her over racy job at the school gates

Megan poses for a photo
-Credit: (Image: Truly/Youtube)

A Scottish mum has confessed that she faces "really mean" remarks due to her risque profession.

The adult content creator admits to experiencing negativity when dropping her daughter at school as other parents have discovered her "spicy" online occupation.

Megan, a mother-of-two, enjoys an opulent lifestyle, filled with luxury holidays, "amazing" adventures with her children and trendy designer outfits, which is all funded by her career in the adult industry.

Initially, while raising her then 10-year-old and toddler daughters, she worked as an exotic dancer. But when Covid lock downs led to clubs closing their doors, she started her provocative online page and witnessed the money pouring in.

As she put it, "It was a no brainer for me," whilst speaking to the popular YouTube channel Truly.

Self-named as 'your Scottish girlfriend' on the internet, Megan shares that she now makes "quadruple the money" than your average 9-5 worker; operating from her bedroom to manage her schedule effectively and spend more time with her kids.

Despite being satisfied with her decisions, it's not always plain sailing for Megan as she encounters a lot of harsh judgement. Online critics spare no expense, expressing their "pity" for her children and labelling her as "desperate, attention seeker" and an "desperate, attention seeker". Additionally, there are rumours about fellow mums at her daughter's school giving her the cold shoulder.

Describing her experience, Megan shared: "I've had scenarios at the school where the mums weren't very nice to me. I'm mum-shamed and they make me feel as if I'm doing something wrong and I'm a bad parent."

Yet, she remains proud of her role as a mother, stating that her children are equally pleased. She said: "I'm an excellent mother I'm just doing what everyone else is doing to put food on the table and provide for their families."

Initial reactions to Megan's choice of work were shock amongst her friends and family, however once they understood her motivations for venturing into adult content, they became supportive. Her step-father William confessed to Truly about his initial "shocked", given Megan's usually shy personality, but ultimately he backs her decisions.

Applauding her, he said: "I thought good on you because I know you're a hard worker," adding, "We are very very proud of her, it gives her flexibility and still lets her be a full time mum."

The majority of Megan's daytime is spent with her kids, while her nights are dedicated to entertaining her customers in various outfits ranging from lingerie to fantasy role play attire and even superhero costumes for cosplay enthusiasts.

Her eldest daughter, who is aware of Megan's occupation, sparked a discussion by asking if she would support her should she follow the same career path one day; Megan answered positively. Her one concern, though, is the prospect of her children discovering her online content in the future.

Allie often receives comments at school, but her mother insists it doesn't affect her daughter who is "proud of her mum". The mother believes in complete transparency with her children, ensuring there are no secrets about how she earns her income.

Megan is delighted that her job allows her to spend a lot of quality time with her daughters. "If it wasn't for this job, I wouldn't have had the life experiences I have had now," she revealed.

Initially, she splurged her earnings on fancy clothes and shoes, but now she saves it for holidays and creating memories. In response to critics who claim she has "no self respect", Megan retorts: "I know what I'm doing is safe, it's legal, it's a good way of earning money."