Mum's life changed overnight after viral TikTok but daughter is 'none the wiser'

A mum says her daughter is 'none the wiser' to her new found fame after the youngster went viral on TikTok.

Rhiannon, 28, said her best friend was babysitting her 20-month-old daughter Orla for the first ever time when she posted the hilarious video on the social media platform. As reported by the Echo, she had no idea a conversation between her baby girl and her friend would end up changing their lives overnight.

Rhiannon, from Dingle in Liverpool, said: “Olayka's been my friend for the past 14 years, but that was her first time babysitting on her own. She’s been with Orla quite a lot when I’ve been around.”

When Rhiannon returned home that day, Olayka told her that Orla had become a bit upset and didn’t want to go to bed. As she tried to calm her down by talking to her, Olayka noticed she was responding very typically Scouse.

Rhiannon said: “Orla was trying to get her to go to bed and that was all her response to Olayka. She shared it on her Instagram story and it was quite popular. Then she was saying, you should share it online, you should share it on TikTok. I gave her the go ahead to share it on her TikTok.”

The video went viral on TikTok
The video went viral on TikTok -Credit:TikTok

The original TikTok has now been liked over 2.6m times , as well as being shared thousands of times on other social media sites. Rhiannon said: “She has the Scouse accent through me and others around her, which we hadn't sort of picked up on because obviously she just sounds a lot like us. It was just normal for us.

“I do communicate with Orla quite a lot and I've always ensured that I speak to Orla in proper sentences rather than 'goo goo ga ga'. "It's nice that I've got support from family and friends around, which I think has definitely had a positive impact on her speech development.”

Rhiannon added: “She's an angel baby. She's always great going to bed and she's always slept through, so I can't complain.

“It's been really nice because of all of the reactions. People offline have all been really positive and they're just demanding to see more of her now.

“Orla has her own Instagram and TikTok now, the following has just grown by the day. It’s a new venture for us. But Orla’s none the wiser.”

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