Murdered Caroline Crouch’s parents will apply for full custody of her daughter

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The parents of Caroline Crouch will apply for full custody of her 11-month-old daughter in Greece today, according to reports.

David and Susan Crouch are expected to ask a family court in Athens if they can care for baby Lydia following her mother’s murder.

Ms Crouch, a British national who grew up in Greece, was found murdered on May 11 at her home in Glyka Nera.

Her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, claimed robbers broke into their home, tied him up, strangled his wife and killed the family dog.

Anagnostopoulos, a helicopter pilot and flight instructor, later told police he covered up the killing because he could not bear the thought of his daughter growing up without parents.

Now Lydia’s maternal grandparents, who live on Greek island Alonissos, are reportedly planning to file for full custody of the tot.

Thanassis Harmanis, the family’s lawyer, told The Sun: “You cannot give the child to the parents of [the accused]”

Earlier this week, the couple vowed to seek custody of Lydia and make sure “the memories of her mother live forever.”

“Both Susan and I will spend the rest of our lives making sure that justice is done and ensuring that her little daughter Lydia is brought up with all the advantages that we can give her and that the memories of her mother live forever,” Mr Crouch told the Daily Mail.

Last week, Anagnostopoulos appeared in court wearing a bullet proof vest.


Police said he had confessed to killing his wife after eight hours of police interrogation.

Anagnostopoulos reportedly told officers he panicked when he realised he had killed Ms Crouch after arguing and holding her down in bed.

In a bid to mislead the investigation, he allegedly revealed how he had considered hiding Ms Crouch’s body and killed the family puppy.

Just hours before his account, he was seen comforting his mother-in-law at a memorial held in Caroline’s honour in Alonnisos.

The Greek courts will decide who will be awarded custody of Lydia – Ms Crouch’s mum and dad or her husband’s parents.

She is currently being looked after by her paternal grandparents in Athens who are expected to ask for 50/50 custody, according to Greek newspaper Proto Thema.

Anagnostopoulos’s dad said: “As a father right now, I have lost two children. Now I want to ensure this baby doesn’t have more bad luck – none of this is this child’s fault.”

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