Murderer of mother-of-two wants prison cell IVF treatment so he can get his girlfriend pregnant

Aaron Newman was jailed for life for murder – now he wants IVF (Picture: Leicestershire Police)
Aaron Newman was jailed for life for murder – now he wants IVF (Picture: Leicestershire Police)

A murderer who killed a mother-of-two is demanding IVF treatment from his prison cell so he can get his girlfriend pregnant.

Hitman Aaron Newman, 28, is serving a 31-year prison sentence for murdering Hayley Pointon, 30, in February 2013.

Now he insists it is is human right to become a father from behind bars, and is demanding IVF treatment, the Sunday People reported.

He wrote in prison magazine Inside Time: “As a lifer in the dispersal system who has no children, I should have the right to conceive a child by natural or even artificial means.”

Newman wants IVF treatment on the NHS, which could cost taxpayers up to £8,000.

He was hired as a hitman to kill Ms Pointon’s boyfriend, Nigel Barwell, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, six years ago.

But he and his accomplice Aaron Power, 29, shot Ms Pointon in the chest when Mr Barwell came into the house. She died at the scene.

Both Newman and Power blamed each other and denied murder, but both were found guilty and jailed for life with a minimum of 31 years.

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Leicester Crown Court heard it might never be known which man fired the fatal shot.

Ten other prisoners have been given fertilisation treatment while behind bars.

Hayley Pointon was murdered in 2013 (Picture: Leicestershire Police)
Hayley Pointon was murdered in 2013 (Picture: Leicestershire Police)

Ms Pointon’s mother, Kerry, told the Sunday People of her anger at Newman’s request for IVF.

She said: “Why should he have kids when Hayley’s children are being brought up without their mum?

“He lost his rights to fatherhood when he murdered my daughter. It’s ridiculous. He needs to be castrated.

“He won’t be much of a dad because he won’t be around. What’s he going to teach his child? Morals?

“You can’t say he would be a loving father. I wanted Newman to be in prison knowing he can’t savour the things you get on the outside, like having children and enjoying family life.

“That’s what keeps me going, knowing they are suffering in prison.

“We’re the ones with the life sentence, not them. Hayley’s children have the life sentence. He’ll be out one day.”

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