Myleene Klass: ‘My body is my family's breadwinner'

Myleene Klass has said she is extremely proud of her body and uses her confidence to ‘boss it’ for her family.

The mother-of-two, 38, says she has developed great self-esteem because she pays little attention to her admirers – placing more esteem on what her body is physically capable of.

Speaking to Yahoo! Celeb at the Jurassic Park Live concert at the Royal Albert Hall , she said: “I don’t judge my body on the superficial, I don’t do that to myself anymore.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.24.07 PM
Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.24.07 PM

“Everybody has got things they feel insecure about and you can sit there all day talking about things you feel insecure about or you can go ‘you know what I’ve made two babies, I go to work, I slay every single day and my body is whatever anyone else wants to judge it on.”

The former Hear’Say singer made headlines 10 years ago when she took her famous I’m A Celebrity shower wearing a white bikini and to this day she continues to be a splash hit in a swimsuit – even having her own line of them.

However, Myleene says she has also used her body to build her business empire, which is said to be worth £11 million.

It includes designing clothes for Littlewoods, Mothercare, writing books, modelling and TV work.

Myleene Klass was among the VIP guests at the Jurrassic Park live at the Royal Albert Hall
Myleene Klass was among the VIP guests at the Jurrassic Park live at the Royal Albert Hall (PA)

Myleene said: “My hands they play, they perform, they work, they graft, they provide and so does my body and so does my brain.

“People can say what they like but until their paying my mortgage they don’t count.”

Myleene was previously married to bodyguard Graham Quinn – the father of her daughters Ava and Hero – but he ended their six-month marriage and decade-long relationship when he walked out on her 34th birthday in April 2012.

Her stern work ethic is something she wishes to impart onto her daughters Ava, nine, and Hero, three.

[Photo: PA]
[Photo: PA]

She said: “I work really hard and I think it’s very easy to say to your children work hard but I want to show them hard work. I am very happy to provide for them as it gives me that self-fulfilment in achieving something.

During the interview Myleene also admitted she is glowing in love after going public with her boyfriend, PR guru Simon Motson.

Talking about their relationship she said: “Simon is hot and he gets on brilliantly with my daughters. I’m very happy with him and we’re all very happy.”

It sounds like love is in the air!