Mysterious ‘sea monster’ with no eyes or face washes up in California

A strange sea creature has washed up on a beach in Malibu, California – and left locals baffled.

The monster was photographed by walkers on the beach – and has no eyes or face, but two large lumps protruding from the bottom of its body.

The Reddit user who posted the image said, ‘It weighed around seven pounds and if I had to guess about five inches wide.’

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Many such ‘sea monsters’ turn out to be dogs or pigs which have fallen into the sea – but on this occasion, internet users think it’s a sea slug or ‘sea hare’.

One Reddit user said, ‘I’d say that, my friend, is a long-dead sea hare.’

Californian sea hares are a species of sea slug which can grow up to two-and-a-half feet long and up to 15lb in weight.

Others speculated that the creature could be something like a sea snail.

One commenter said, ‘ ‘Looks like whatever lives inside the seashell.’