Mysterious white 'blob' becomes latest sea creature to wash up after Philippines earthquake

A huge bizarre white blob has become the latest mysterious sea creature to wash up in the Philippines after an earthquake hit the islands.

The massive white monster-like creature was washed up on shore in Cagdainao, Dinagat Islands.

Bizarre – the strange white blob washed up after the recent earthquake in the Philippines (Pictures: Facebook)

What it is has stumped plenty of people, but hasn’t stopped locals from posing for selfies with the scary sea monster.

The mass, which some have speculated is a whale’s carcass, is the latest in a series of unusual deep-sea creatures to have been spotted after the 6.7 earthquake, which left six people dead and at least 120 injured, as well as damaging buildings and an airport.

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People on Mindanao’s northern coast reportedly spotted a number of oarfish measuring up to 30ft long in the days following the quake earlier this month.

The earthquake is believed to have been set off by movement in the Philippine fault, which sits in the so-called Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’.

(Top picture: Facebook/Mabel Stowers)

Bizarre – the mysterious blob washed up on the Philippines after the recent earthquake