The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has already been solved, scientist says

Conspiracy theorists are obsessed with the supposedly deadly Bermuda Triangle – known for a series of mysterious incidents such as the sinking of a Navy cargo ship in 1918,

Paranormal enthusiasts claim that the area is cursed – and that the sinkings are caused by forces such as ‘time portals’ or something to do with Atlantis.

It’s said to have claimed at least 1000 human lives, 20 planes and 50 ships in the past 100 years.

There’s just one problem with the theory of the ‘deadly’ Triangle, Australian science communicator Karl Kruszelnicki revealed this week in an interview – it’s actually no more deadly than any other stretch of sea.


‘According to Lloyds of London and the US coast guard, the number of planes that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere in the world on a percentage basis,’Dr Kruszelnicki said.

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‘It is close to the equator, near a wealthy part of the world, America, therefore you have a lot of traffic.’

He said that myths of the Bermuda Triangle were stoked when military convoys vanished in the area – but that this was down to terrible weather, bad boats, and other factors such as drunk pilots.