Has a mysterious island just risen from the sea in the Bermuda Triangle?

Has a mysterious island really risen from the sea in the Bermuda Triangle – known for a series of mysterious incidents such as the sinking of a Navy cargo ship in 1918?

Reports this morning suggest that a mysterious – and deadly – island has risen from the waves in the area.

Paranormal enthusiasts claim that the area is cursed – and that the sinkings are caused by forces such as ‘time portals’ or something to do with Atlantis.

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But while an island HAS formed in the sea near the Bermuda Triangle (note, it’s ‘near’ the Triangle, not actually in it), it’s not quite as mysterious as it might seem.

The island off Cape Point in North Carolina isn’t entirely new – islands have formed there in the past.

It’s also not full of aliens, UFOs or time-travellers – although local authorities say it’s dangerous because of rip tides.

So while the image (taken by a drone) is spectactular, there’s nothing paranormal – or indeed abnormal – about it. It’s just an island forming in a place where islands have formed in the past.

Local woman Janice Regan told news outlet PilotOnline, ‘Yeah, isn’t it crazy? It was just a little bump in April.