Donald Trump recorded bragging about 'naked Melania' during misogynistic radio interview

David Harding
Donald and Melania Trump (Rex)

A recording of a crude conversation involving Donald Trump laughing and joking with a radio DJ about his sex life with Melania Trump has emerged.

Although the clip dates back 18 years, the creepy clip is now going viral and the candid conversation has been criticised online for its content.

Mr Trump has form for chauvinistic behaviour, notably his infamous ‘pussy-grabbing’ remarks that were picked up during last year’s presidential campaign.

Indeed he has attempted to address this issue in recent weeks, launching a charm offensive during a speech to the Women’s Empowerment Panel.

The recording dates back to November 1999, when Trump called into his friend and renowned “shock jock” Howard Stern’s radio show.

He is introduced as “President Trump”.

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Conversation between the pair quickly turns to Trump’s then girlfriend, now First Lady, Melania.

“Let me talk to that broad in your bed,” Stern demands of the now-President, who happily hands her the phone.

Before she picks up the phone, Stern asks, “What’s her name again? Melanie?” His assistant Robin Quivers says: “It begins with an ‘M’.”

The clip came from DJ Howard Stern’s show (Rex)

And that’s when things start to get a little sleazy.

“You are so hot,” says Stern as soon as Melania picks up the phone. “I have seen pictures of. I can’t believe it. You are a dream.”

He then asks her what she is wearing, to which Melania replies: “Not much.”

“Are you naked? Are you nude?” says Stern.

“Almost,” says Melania as she tries to laugh off the question.

“Ahhh, I’ve got my pants off already,” Stern sighs into the microphone.

He then asks Melania if the A-list couple have sex every night, if she wears a thong on the beach and if she steals money from Trump’s wallet.

Trump tells the show Melania is naked and it’s “a thing of beauty” (Rex)

When she hands the phone back to Trump – after apparently having had enough of the conversation – Stone asks him: “Oh man, she’s naked there, isn’t she?”

Trump replies: “She is actually naked. It’s a thing of beauty.”


The conversation came as Trump made a brief bid for the 2000 presidential race,

Trump asks Robin: “Is this your average interview, Robin, for a presidential candidate?”

As the weird conversation ends, Stern prophetically says: “President Trump will be a reality.”