Can you name all 27 EU countries in 3 minutes?

How well do you... know the EU?

There are 27 countries in the European Union and it’s time to find out how many of them you can identify.

And we can help start you off with a big clue – the United Kingdom is no longer one of them.

The UK officially withdrew from the EU on 31 January this year, following almost four years of fallout from the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

Earlier this month, a UK government minister admitted that prime minister Boris Johnson’s plan to override the Brexit deal he agreed with the EU breaks international law.

The plan left many EU nations angry, with one French MEP saying she was “flabbergasted”.

And just as with the ongoing Brexit negotiations, in our quiz the clock is ticking.

You have three minutes to name the 27 remaining EU member states, so there’s no time to twiddle your thumbs. Good luck!

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