An NCIS Star Was Pitched For A Possible CSI: Vegas Cameo, And I Would Have Loved To See That Crossover Before It Was Cancelled

 Season 3 cast photo for CSI: Vegas with Marg Helgenberger.
Credit: Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc

There are many shows that have been cancelled or are ending in 2024, with some arguably getting cut far too soon. Sadly, CSI: Vegas was one of them. The latest series in CBS' long-running franchise got the ax after just three seasons despite there being so many more stories to tell (in this fans' eyes). Now, as it turns out lead actress Paula Newsome previously pitched an NCIS alum as a guest star, and I would've loved to have seen this crossover of sorts before the series was canned.

Among the developments that the CSI: Vegas finale revealed that fans will likely never get to see play out is Max’s relationship with her new boyfriend following her divorce from Rob Morgan’s Daniel. While speaking with TVLine ahead of the finale, Paula Newsome discussed the episode and what could have been. The interviewer for the outlet then proceeded to dream cast the new beau of Newsome's character, suggesting that her former NCIS co-star, Rocky Carroll (who plays Leon Vance on that series), would fit the bill. And the actress' response to that suggestion was surprising:

You know what’s so funny? I wanted Rocky to be her ex-husband, before I wanted Rob, and Rocky was like, ‘Paula, don’t even ask them. Don’t even ask, because they’re not going to say yes to that.’ But I would have loved that.

Nearly 10 years before she was cast as Max Ruby on Vegas, Paula Newsome recurred on fellow CBS procedural NCIS as the wife of Rocky Carroll's character, Jackie Vance. The actress made her first appearance in the role amid Season 6 but departed in Season 10 as a result of Jackie dying following a shootout. Even though Carroll would have played Newsome’s ex, it would have been great to see the two of them together again.

And, even though Rob Morgan eventually landed the role, Carroll could've still appeared in Season 3 in another smaller role. Either way, it would've been nice to see the two former co-stars mix it up in some form or fashion. The more I think about it, part of me feels like the fans were robbed of what could've been a great moment.

Still, it sounds the two never got around to asking the producers about the casting because the Chicago Hope alum was so certain that they were going to say no. That's likely because he’d be too busy with NCIS. It does make me wonder what could have happened if they both agreed to it and pitched it to the producers and directors. Part of me would like to think that if the actors had possessed a strong enough pitch, the producers might've considered and tried to make it all work schedule-wise. All in all, this will sit in my mind as one of those “What could have been” moments.

But just because a reunion didn’t happen on Vegas, that doesn’t mean they can’t work together again in the future. Carroll has been pretty busy with NCIS, which is returning for Season 22 as part of the 2024 TV schedule later this year. That being said, the series still occasionally references Jackie and most recently did so during the star-studded 1,000th episode. So she could always come back by way of a flashback or dream.

As a fan of both shows and actors, I'd love to see Paula Newsome and Rocky Carroll work together again. The two really were a match made in TV drama Heaven. But, instead of wallowing in the fact that the little crossover didn't happen, check out their past work by streaming past episodes of NCIS with a Paramount+ subscription. And that service is also where you'll find installments of CSI: Vegas.