Nearly every motorist guilty of driving mistake and they don't know it

Every day, countless incidents across the UK's roads leave motorists fuming, leading to short-tempered honking or abrupt braking. However, when problems arise, most drivers are taken aback when they hear - 'It's your fault'.

This confusion is largely due to a lack of awareness about the recent alterations to the Highway Code. The changes primarily revolve around priority rules for pedestrians at junctions.

Pedestrians, occasionally oblivious to oncoming traffic, can often frustrate drivers. Yet, according to the updated Highway Code, it's the responsibility of the vehicle operators to yield to pedestrians, as they now have priority.

Drivers are expected to stay vigilant for people potentially stepping onto the road, a significant departure from the previous guidelines.

Therefore, it's crucial that all motorists familiarise themselves with this change to prevent accidents. The 2022 revision of the Highway Code granted walkers priority at junctions, yet many vehicles continue to overlook them, either not permitting crossing or reacting aggressively when they do.

Road safety experts emphasise that this rule is one of the least known and most misunderstood among drivers. If motorists collide with a pedestrian whilst turning into a path and are deemed to be driving with insufficient care, they stand to face prosecution, a potential fine of up to £2,500, and accrual of between three and nine penalty points.

Graham Conway, managing director of Select Car Leasing, advises: "If you're a motorist about to turn into a junction, and a pedestrian is either already crossing the road or is waiting to cross, you need to give way and let them complete their journey. It's a crucial element of the Highway Code that is still misunderstood more than two years after it was implemented."

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