'Neighbour from hell won't stop parking in my driveway – but I've got revenge plan'

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

An angry woman has come up with a clever plan after her neighbours consistently parked in her driveway.

She took to social media to slam the 'entitled' resident and asking for advice. Fortunately, plenty of people were on hand to offer solutions to the quandary.

She told Reddit users: "The new neighbours next to us moved in about two years ago, I have a long driveway (fits probably six to eight cars) and their house has a shorter driveway that maybe only three to four cars can fit in.

"When they first moved in they started parking in our driveway behind our cars, parking us all the time. I finally said something to them about parking us in and they stopped and parked in their own driveway."

However the respite was short-lived as her neighbours began inviting people over for parties and encouraging their guests to either park on or in front of her driveway.

She added: "Their guests were parking right next to our cars in the grass right up against our driveway. Now they drive through our driveway to get behind their house and squeeze in-between our cars. All of this is just annoying to me. I'm not sure if I should say something or let it go. Am I overreacting about a stupid driveway?"

Offering their advice, one user said: "Get them towed. Immediately put a sign up too if needed – no parking zone, violators will be towed." Another user added: "It's your property they have no right to use it. They are trespassing." A third user said: "Put up cones temporarily until you can figure out if you can install a gate and fence.

"Also, No Trespassing signs and tow zone signs. It is your driveway, they have no rights to it. The next time someone parks in your driveway, go ahead and call the authorities to have them tow an "unauthorised vehicle" from your property. Extra points if the tow truck can hook up the vehicle before the owner comes out."

In an update, she thanked users for taking the time to send over their suggestions – and shared how she has recently bought a camera to document their behaviour. She said: I just bought some cameras off Amazon, and I'm talking to my husband about a fence or boulders to put next to our driveway."