Netflix's Buying London blasted for being 'most hateable TV show ever'

Netflix Buying London
-Credit: (Image: Netflix)

Netflix's latest offering, Buying London, has been met with a barrage of harsh criticism from reviewers. Some critics have even described it as "probably the most hateable TV show ever made".

The drama landed on Netflix earlier this week May 22 and has already gotten plenty of people talking. The series shadows property tycoon Daniel Daggers and his squad at DDRE Global as they navigate the high-stakes world of London's property market.

Echoing the format of Netflix hits "Selling Sunset" and "Buying Beverly Hills," the new series takes viewers through the opulent districts of Mayfair and Holland Park in London. Beyond showcasing swanky properties, the show delves into the personal lives of Daniel and his team.

Merely 24 hours post-launch, the series sparked widespread chatter, albeit, not all of it positive, reports Wales Online. Rebecca Nicholson from The Guardian was among those left underwhelmed.

"I usually love to gawp at rich people and their wallpaper," she commented. "But this British version of the real-estate reality show Selling Sunset is tired, tone-deaf and shamefully crass. Watching it will work you up into a total rage."

She further remarked: "Buying London [is] probably the most hateable TV show ever made." Anita Singh, in her two-star critique for The Telegraph, added: "You wonder how many of these houses the team actually sell, because the production has such an air of unreality."

"It's post-truth television. The people on screen aren't reciting a script, they've just learned through prolonged exposure to "scripted reality" shows to actually speak like this."

In The Times, viewers are warned to "prepare to be faintly appalled yet oddly transfixed". In its two-star review, critic Carol Midgley commented: "It all feels as fake as an oligarch's tooth veneers."

Meanwhile, on X, formerly known as Twitter, Andrewmcb posted: "I switched buying London off at the photoshoot in the first episode, insufferable is not a big enough word for these clowns."

Allynoelle added: "I won't be surprised if this show only lasts one season, so far it is NOT giving."

Okayy_Dan stated: "I'm not one for losing my patience. I like #SellingSunset and the related series. However, as a British guy, I cannot stand #BuyingLondon - it's a cheap copycat and I hope it's squashed."

However, some weren't deterred by the negative reviews. EvaWiseman declared: "I'm sorry but I'm absolutely going to watch the hell out of Buying London, 'probably the most hateable TV show ever made' after Rebecca Nicholson's ZERO STAR REVIEW."

Another viewer also seemed excited to tune in. Cute_Idiot confessed: "I'm obsessed with real estate shows. I love Selling Sunset, Selling the OC, and Selling Beverly Hills. Now I started Buying London. I just like seeing beautiful fancy homes lmao."

Bianca_BBBBBB excitedly commented: "I'm home today all day so I'm watching Buying London on Netflix."

Meanwhile, ChiddyModu shared their viewing plans with the message: "Tuning into Buying London on Netflix. Love seeing Super-Prime Real Estate in the UK."

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